What is the adoption process?

  1. Complete an adoption application on our website. Your application will be reviewed & processed within 24-72 hours (processing time may be longer if the desired animal has received multiple applications). Your application must include 3 non-family character references and landlord information (if applicable) in order to be processed. Please note: ***Must be 21 years of age to apply. ***Breed restrictions apply. If an applicant resides in a city or residence where there are breed restrictions, we cannot approve the applicant for breeds that are not permitted- no exceptions. We also cannot certify restricted breeds as emotional support animals (ESA) prior to adoption. ***We do not allow applicants to adopt littermates or moms and their puppies.
  2. A volunteer will contact you once your application is processed in order to schedule a home visit. Once the home visit is completed and approved, you will officially be approved to adopt. Please note, approval lasts for 1 year unless the applicant moves residences.
  3. We will connect the applicant with the foster parent(s) to schedule a meet and greet. On occasion, we will facilitate a series of meet and greets depending on the particular foster dog. If the meet and greet is successful- and there are no concerns- we will request that the applicant sign the adoption contract & put down a non-refundable adoption deposit.
  4.  Adopter will schedule with Do Over Dogs team member or foster parent to pick-up their new family member! Most of the time, the foster family will complete the adoption paperwork & contract with the adopter. Dogs must be spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up to date on shots prior to adoption. Adopter is responsible for paying the rest of the adoption fee at the time of the adoption.
**Do Over Dogs does not operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do our best to pair dogs accordingly by selecting applicants that are the most appropriate fit. On occasion, we will facilitate more than 1 meet and greet depending on the particular dog.

What should we expect in the adoption paperwork?

  • Once adopted, we do not allow adopters to re-home dogs for ANY reason. If an adopter no longer can abide by the adoption contract, the dog must be returned to Do Over Dogs, NO MATTER WHAT. Without adherence to this guideline, legal action will be involved.
  • Our adoption paperwork outlines the expected training and care of the dog, puppy or cat. Many of these animals have endured trauma, and deserve a safe and loving home.
  • We do not permit aversive or punitive training with our adopted dogs, including shock/bark/e-collars, e-fences, prong collars, choke collars, and martingale collars. We provide a list of approved trainers at the time of adoption finalization. If you are interested in seeing a trainer that is not on the list, please contact us FIRST for approval. We are always looking to add new trainers to our list!
  • We do not permit dogs to ride in the back of pick-up trucks, or to be kept outside OR in garages.
  • Your adoption fee is 100% refundable if the adopted dog is returned within 3 days. After 3 days, your adoption fee is non-refundable.

Where do our dogs come from?

Do Over Dogs rescues dogs from from high kill shelters in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and occasionally other states.

Do we have a shelter?

No, we do not have a shelter or facility. We are a 100% foster based rescue.

What is your adoption fee?

Our adoption fee ranges from $125-$400.

What does the adoption fee cover?

Spay/Neuter, age appropriate shots, microchip, & dewormer.

Who is required to pay for the medical bills incurred after I adopt?

Once adoption is finalized, unless otherwise stated through a special signed medical agreement, you are responsible for any and all medical bills that your dog incurs.

What do I do if it doesn’t work out with my adopted dog?

Do Over Dogs requires that adopters sign a contract upon finalization of adoption in which they agree to contact the rescue if things are not going well. It is a REQUIREMENT to contact us, and Do Over Dogs will re-home the dog. If the adopter has someone that would like to adopt the dog, Do Over Dogs will need to approve them. We strongly encourage adopters to foster the dog while we are trying to rehome them.

I am looking for a hypoallergenic dog, can Do Over Dogs help?

We are absolutely not able to guarantee that any of our dogs are hypoallergenic. Many people suffer from allergies related to dog's dander, rather than their fur, so we are never able to guarantee any of our dogs are hypoallergenic.

I am looking for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or Service Dog, can Do Over Dogs help?

Unfortunately we are not able to help train, certify or license any dogs as emotional support animals (ESA) or service dogs pre-adoption.