Hamm Bone

Breed: Shep mix
Size: Medium
Age: Young

This is Hamm Bone & he doesn’t mean to eavesdrop, but his ears don’t allow him not to otherwise! And Hamm hears (with hopes) that you might be looking to add him to your family. A family you ask?!! I know it’s hard to tell by looking at him, but Hamm Bone is homeless. Despite the fact that Hamm has been residing with his foster family that he seriously adores, he is ready to find a family to call his own.
Hamm is roughly 1-2 years old, cattle dog/shepherd mix (on the smaller size) & has a strong resume that will surely attract the right family.
🐾 Hamm’s Favorite activities include: hiking, playing with his foster bro, fetch, following his foster mom wherever she may go, & eating TREATS (in CAPS per Hamm’s request).
🐾 Humans - Strangers can sometimes catch Hamm off guard! Barks may follow at 1st but with a proper introduction & an understanding from his human that things are fine he is quick to show that he is actually quite friendly.
🐾 Kids? That’s easy! Yes!
🐾 Cats? Glad you asked! He currently has cat siblings that Hamm gets plenty excited about & wants to play a friendly game of chase though the feeling isn’t mutual 🫣. We suspect this “exciting thing” will settle down after the newness wears off.
🐾 Potty trained? Just like most rescues that enter domestic life this can be quite confusing on where to go. Hamm is exception though & has been learning quickly that the great outdoors is a proper place for relief. Yay, HAMM!
🐾Hamm is quite the catch & would thrive well as an only pup kid, but would really love to have a sibling too 🐶🐶. If you are interested in adopting Hamm Bone please fill out an application.
♥️ Hamm is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on shots. His adoption fee is $375🐾 Please submit an adoption application if interested in meeting this darling.

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