Breed: Blue Heeler Mix
Size: Medium
Age: Adult

Meet SUZY! Suzy is a beautiful 2-year-old Blue Heeler Mix who was adopted as a puppy from Do Over Dogs. We rescued her mom who was unexpectedly pregnant, and Suzy was the runt of the litter. Sweet Suzy is looking for a new home, a true happily ever after. She is nervous of strangers, but her behavior toward strangers can definitely improve through proper training and management (which Do Over Dogs will provide)! About 10 months ago, a new puppy was introduced into Suzy’s home, and although Suzy initially did very well, it ended up stressing her out. She is very over-aroused by the sight of other dogs when she is on leash, which presents as reactivity. Her current family has begun working with her on this and they are seeing great results. Suzy has enjoyed play dates with other dogs, and tends to get frustrated and worked up when she can’t greet them. Because she is otherwise friendly toward other dogs, we think she could be successfully adopted in a household with another dog, but we’d recommend she be paired with a male dog for the best success. She will likely still need some management and guidance when resources are present. Otherwise, she would be great as the only pup! Suzy is very toy-driven, catches tennis balls and is extremely fast! Suzy would be most successful in a calm and structured home with active pet parents, but willing to adjust their expectations to her needs (i.e. – want to go out and do stuff with their dog, but understand that she can’t go on a hike around other dogs without some further training). Suzy is spayed, microchipped, & up to date on shots. Her adoption fee is $125.00

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