Luna Jr

Breed: Lab mix
Size: Small
Age: Puppy
Meet LUNA JR Luna is a 4 month old mix breed pup! Our best guess is that she is some sort of black lab mix! Luna is a super smart adorable little girl. She loves to be warm- so she is all about the snuggles! If you bring her up on the couch or bed she will cozy right up and nap, if she's on the floor she loves to bounce, run and talk to you. She is very fast and vocal and would be a great dog to teach fetch to! She is a little hand shy but loves people and all other dogs. She is fearless and will try to play with dogs 10 times her size. She knows to go potty outside and working on not going inside. Luna loves her bed and crate, and has no problem sleeping though the night in her own room. Luna will be spayed, microchipped, & up to date on shots prior to adoption! Her adoption fee is $375

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